Bond Squad Income Strategies

Own your destiny.


Interest rates remain near all-time lows.

An aging population could mean a strong demand for income decades to come.

Strong demand for income could mean low persistently-low investment yields.

A rapidly changing economy and central bank policies could result in volatile fixed income asset values.

Changing technology, demographics and globalization have broken down traditional asset correlations.

If one is investing for income, how is one supposed to navigate what could be a “new normal?”

Bond Squad’s solution is an income-oriented investment portfolio which is custom-tailored for each and every investor.


What you will get with a Bond Squad Income Solutions Portfolio:


  • A portfolio tailored to your goals, objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Vigilance for changing market and economic conditions.
  • Communication: Clients will receive or daily and weekly fixed income market commentary and unlimited direct access to portfolio manager, Tom Byrne.
  • A portfolio consisting of actual securities, usually with stated final maturities (the ability to hold until maturity can be a positive in terms of capital preservation).
  • More than 25 years of fixed income strategy and trading experience.
  • As strong work ethic: We are often asked: “Isn’t constructing bespoke portfolios for each investors a lot of work?” It really us, but if clients are paying for our services, we expect to earn our pay.


What you won’t get from Bond Squad Income Solutions:


  • A cookie-cutter portfolio: At Bond Squad Income Solutions we do not believe in cramming investors into one of several pre-fabricated strategies. Each client is different and has different goals, objectives and risk tolerances. Thus, their portfolios should be as unique as they are.
  • A portfolio of outside managers: We do not abdicate the responsibility for investing your capital to another manager. We expect to know our clients and their needs and are in the best position to invest with their suitability in mind.


You can do it. We can help


Some investors prefer to build and manage their own portfolios. Bond Squad Income Solutions can provide fixed income transactional services while providing guidance and information for our bond brokerage clients.

Bonds can be held with Bond Squad at LPL Financial or we can deliver bonds to your outside brokerage account.

No strategy assures success or guarantees against loss. Bonds are subject to market and interest rate risk if sold prior to maturity. Bond values will decline as interest rates rise and bonds are subject to availability and change in price.



Bond Squad Income Solutions was created to provide Separately Managed Account-style investing directly to investors. Thus, with no middleman (financial advisor) adding fees, a Bond Squad Income Solutions portfolio can be priced quite competitively.

For more information or to discuss if a Bond Squad Income Solutions account is right for you, contact us via telephone or e-mail at:


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Bond Squad Income Solutions – Separately Managed Accounts



Capital preservation and income are WS&M LLC Bond Squad’s main priorities in managing portfolios bond portfolios. We seek to offset the erosion of fixed income asset values caused by inflation, so that the real value of assets is maintained.


WS&M LLC Bond Squad portfolios reflect our clients’ unique needs. Some clients are individuals or families with assets to be conserved while generating income. Some clients are institutions seeking prudent supervision of retirement, endowment, or cash management funds.


Since proper and realistic investment goals must be defined (and agreed upon) before management begins, we first help develop and clarify portfolio objectives, which reflect each client’s goals objectives and risk tolerance. Once objectives are established, a suitable portfolio is constructed.


WS&M LLC Bond Squad constructs portfolios which address long-term objectives rather than short-term goals. Short term returns on bonds can vary greatly. However, interest rates and credit fundamentals eventually dictate asset valuations.


We believe opportunities in the markets are present at all times, especially in the midst of euphoria or hysteria. However, one must be able to identify these situations and have the necessary bond market acumen to make decisions consistent with the goals, objectives and risk tolerance of specific clients. Although we strive to make portfolio changes at times of market extremes, we do not actively trade portfolios on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Changes are made to portfolios when opportunities or dangers present themselves.

Bond Squad Portfolio Strategies


Tax-free Municipal Bond Strategy


WS&M LLC Bond Squad manages tax-free municipal bonds for individuals and institutions. Current market conditions, changing interest rate conditions and inflation require an active approach to fixed income asset management. WS&M LLC Bond Squad manages bond portfolios while considering individual credits, relative values, and durations with the goals of income and preservation of capital.




WS&M LLC Bond Squad conservative approach to investing, which seeks to preserve investor capital principal and purchasing power. We actively manage bonds by constant monitoring of the capital markets, rebalancing client portfolios as needed. We extend or reduce duration (depending on market conditions) when appropriate for the needs of particular investors. We look to take advantage of periods of panic and euphoria in specific fixed income assets. We endeavor to maintain enduring relationships and to conduct continuous dialogue with clients and their financial advisors, tax advisors, accountants, and estate planners.


WS&M LLC Bond Squad creates municipal bond portfolios tailored to the specific to individual clients, based on the needs of the clients. We have access to a full range of municipal securities.

No strategy assures success or guarantees against loss. Bonds are subject to market and interest rate risk if sold prior to maturity. Bond values will decline as interest rates rise and bonds are subject to availability and change in price.

Taxable Bond Portfolio


WS&M LLC Bond Squad believes that value is maximized by holding bonds for the proper duration consistent with the current interest (and future) rate environment. We believe it unwise to limit investment opportunities based on narrowly defined fixed income portfolio parameters. As a result, WS&M LLC Bond Squad has acquired proficiency in identifying and managing bond portfolios throughout interest rate cycles while considering credits stories, relative yield values and portfolio duration.


WS&M LLC Bond Squad specializes in identifying fixed income opportunities while intelligently managing the impact of interest rates and inflation on portfolio values. We actively manage bond portfolios to position clients favorably for future policy, interest-rate, and changing market conditions. The firm customizes individual portfolios base on the specific goals objectives and risk tolerances of investors. WS&M LLC Bond Squad offers direct access to our staff and a commitment to client service both for individuals and institutions.

Duration Neutral and Tactically-Hedged Strategies

Duration Neutral Fixed Income Portfolios are designed to give investors enhanced cash equivalent options for tax-free municipal as well as taxable accounts. High-grade bonds are selected, managed and monitored in each separate account. A duration neutral fixed income portfolio can be advantageous for investors and institutions in a low interest rate environment seeking enhanced cash management options.

No strategy assures success or guarantees against loss. Bonds are subject to market and interest rate risk if sold prior to maturity. Bond values will decline as interest rates rise and bonds are subject to availability and change in price.